Breght Van Baelen

Predictive maintenance solution

Cegeka has built a predictive maintenance solution for one of its customers, a Global Material Solutions Company in Sand Mining.

Upon starting the project, the customer was in the process of purchasing a new kiln for one of its factories. However, the customer’s existing kilns installations had been suffering from downtime and batches of substandard output quality during production. With the aim to increase both production quality and efficiency for the existing and the new kilns, the company turned to Cegeka to get started with an ambitious IoT- Predictive maintenance endeavor.

The expert team rigorously collected all sensor data from the existing kiln installations and made the latest state-of-the-art algorithms discover all sensor data patterns that indicate potential installation defects or quality loss. In result, the solution is now able to detect and flag sensor data patterns that may lead to incidents before these incidents can actually occur, thus decreasing downtime and increasing product quality.