AI4growth is an initiative of AI stakeholders in the industry, public services and academic world.


A start-up with a good plan? A company wanting to evolve? Questions about financing and subsidies? VLAIO guides you through the possibilities and gives you the right advice. To do this, we make use of a large network of partners who can offer expertise, coaching, or the right networks. Have an ambitious plan or innovative idea? Schedule a meeting with a VLAIO consultant, who will analyze your plans, get you in touch with the right experts, and help you get the right subsidies.



By now, we all understand that "data is the new oil"... But in reality, the true power of big data can only be harnessed in a refined form. Transforming your data into actionable insights is exactly what we do at Boltzmann on a day-to-day basis. All we need from you is the data you’ve gathered across the value chain of your company, and a willingness to innovate and prepare for the disruption in your respective industry.



Cegeka is a leading European IT solutions provider. The company specializes in multi-cloud services, cloud orchestration, managed services and optimization of applications, infrastructure and business processes and takes care of the development and integration of applications, eco-systems and platforms.

Cegeka’s Data Intelligence unit offers solutions going from traditional business intelligence, big data to artificial intelligence. We build and integrate data solutions in and beyond the cloud and infuse data innovation in your daily business processes and applications with machine learning.



CNH Industrial is a global leader in capital goods that implements design, manufacturing, distribution, commercial and financial activities in international markets.

Through our 12 brands we make the vehicles that keep agriculture and industry growing. From tractors and combines to trucks and buses, as well as powertrain solutions for on-road and off-road and marine vehicles, we design, produce and sell machines for work.



Crunch Analytics is a service company based in Ghent & Rotterdam that develops strategies, builds customized tooling & provides training for organizations eager to grow a data-driven organization.

As trusted advisors, we want to challenge current conventions by using the ever-growing abundance of data and lever data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence to create lean & lightweight advanced analytics & AI tooling. Tools that provide better insights and help a person in making that best possible decision or automate certain decision-making.


CTG is an IT services and solutions company with over five decades of experience helping our clients to achieve their business goals. We are specialized in services that improve delivery and management of both business and IT projects, and deliver measurable benefits. 

Our Artificial Intelligence services and solutions focus on various aspects such as training courses, compliance and AI integrated enterprise software applications. We help our clients identify and prioritize business outcomes with respect to the value contribution of AI, and drive the potential of this emerging area. is a fast-growing, global company that delivers advanced solutions and services to organizations striving for a sustainable, competitive advantage.

Our AI-experts help our clients realize their sustainable, competitive advantage through the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in 3 key-areas: Computer Vision, Language and Data & IoT. This makes the go-to-partner for our customers to guide them through their business transformation.



Faktion is an applied artificial intelligence engineering service provider, with headquarters in Antwerp (Belgium). We serve clients with a vision and budget for a future where machine learning and deep learning will continue to drive our client’s core business in a rapidly transforming economic reality. Our in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence, natural language, image classification, profiling and sensor data have made us the first choice for some of the most innovative companies in the world. We can advance your strategic goals by imagining, developing, and implementing the technology stack you need to stay ahead.



ML2Grow provides services to help organizations with advanced machine learning to increase productivity, gain competitiveness and take full advantage of disruptive technology which continues to affect markets at a rapid pace.
Our team has a proven track record and houses all expertise required to develop data-driven solutions, deliver production systems, and provide flawless operational support. This approach has resulted in several successful machine learning solutions for major brands and companies in various market verticals.



Data is everywhere, insights are not. To close this gap, ML6 is all about empowering businesses with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Our team of data science experts and machine learning engineers prepares companies for the challenges of tomorrow and helps them foster the digital AI first revolution with its broad expertise.



Proximus Group is a telecommunication & ICT company operating in the Belgian and international markets. We are the leading provider in Belgium offering quality and service with a full choice of features, bringing customers instantly close to what matters. It’s our ambition to become a digital service provider, connecting everyone and everything so people live better and work smarter. Through our best-quality integrated fixed and mobile networks, we provide access anywhere and anytime to digital services and easy-to-use solutions, as well as to a broad offering of multimedia content. We transform technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud and Security into solutions with positive impact on people and society.



Raccoons is a technology group focused on building digital products with a passion for disruptive technologies. Raccoons consists of many different ventures, all with their own knowledge, focus and expertise. Ranging from advanced software prototyping and machine learning, to chatbots and edge computing.



Robovision is worldwide market leader in AI-based plant rooting. Robovision analyzes, rethinks and optimizes current steps in processes by applying deep learning and other machine learning techniques. We assist our customers to disrupt their industry.



Sentiance is a global leader in behavioral change through contextual AI, delivering services for a new human-centric economy where the user is in control of this data. We empower our clients to create personalized engagement services and products through intelligent contextual recommenders.

We turn data into actionable insights about individuals' behavior and real-time context, creating impact and sustainability in mobility, wellbeing, and leisure industries by driving Behavior Change through contextualizing engagement for optimized experiences and outcomes. We have a strong focus on trust and ethical AI, we believe the right use of data and good technology can and will improve people’s lives.



Ghent, the capital of East Flanders in Belgium, offers an unusual mix of compact city intimacy and metropolitan openness. Ghent is a top 10 European port area with a highly competitive industrial production cluster, but also the largest center of higher education in Flanders. Together with Ghent University and other public and private partners, projects and developments like Tech Lane Ghent Science Park are initiated to cater for the needs of innovative companies that want to take advantage of these assets. Ghent has taken a leading position in life sciences, MedTech and AI and is home to an ecosystem that produced Belgium’s only unicorns, and roughly one-third of all tech companies that have raised over 1 million EUR in venture capital.



Ghent University (UGent) is one of the major universities in the Dutch-speaking region of Europe. It distinguishes itself as a socially committed and pluralistic university in a broad international perspective. 117 faculty departments, spread over 11 faculties, offer high-quality courses in every one of their scientific disciplines. With a view to cooperation in research and community service, numerous research groups, centres and institutes have been founded over the years. 



Voka, the biggest Flemish network of enterprises, was established in 2004 as an alliance of the then eight Flemish Chambers of Commerce. As a network we unite more than 18.000 businesses representing 65% of the private employment and 70% of the added value in Flanders and Brussels.

As the most influential network of entrepreneurs, our mission is to create an optimal framework for succesful entrepreneurship.