AI4growth is the community of AI stakeholders in Flanders. Its members consist of suppliers of AI technology, businesses on the lookout for AI applications and corporate and academic experts and talent.

By presenting testimonials of succesful AI implementation, AI4growth aims to showcase the full potential of these technologies. AI4growth wants to establish a better understanding of AI and its potential for implementation in the fields of manufacturing, biotech, health & medical, agriculture, logistics, finance, etc. Our final goal is to incentivize AI projects in a meaningful way



Harvest, storage and processing of data and its transformation into useful information is more ubiquitous and affordable then ever. The spectacular leap in processing power of GPU’s revolutionised the use of these enormous amounts of data and enabled radical new opportunities in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The disruptive power of these technologies presnts a huge potential in a myriad of fields. Deep Learning can offer a competitive advantage for those willing and able to master and incorporate these data-driven technologies. In order to live up to its socio-economic potential, widespread knowledge of both underlying principles and real-world applications of AI is key. This knowledge exists among academics, entrepreneurs and accomplished enterprises.

In order to share and spread this knowledge, a number of key-players in academic, economic and government backgrounds have committed to create the AI4growth community.

AI4growth unites stakeholders aiming to incentivise the implementation of AI in these fields:

  • medical diagnostics, pharma, biotech

  • industrial production, quality control and monitoring,

  • agriculture, food industry

  • services, media.

Each of these fields have their own challenges and opportunities.